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PLY ATELIER deals with the interior design of representative office areas, restaurants, shops and hotels in accordance with the HOAI's range of services.
In doing so, PLY works with clients to develop contemporary concepts, their added value lies in the combination of atmosphere and functionality.
The perceived quality of life should increase when entering a room.
The strategy that PLY is pursuing is close cooperation with the client. In workshops that take place before the actual planning begins, the exact requirements of the future users are explored.
The changes in our society in the transition from an industrial to a knowledge society also play a decisive role here. Interaction and way of life have changed in the course of digitization and are constantly being renewed. The view into the future must flow into construction projects that have a long implementation period and should function for a long time.
PLY ATELIER regards it as one of the most important challenges in the planning process to examine exactly whether, for example, the implementation of a New Work concept makes sense or whether a much more traditional approach has to be considered.


This first step represents a planning phase zero as it should be carried out before the actual planning process - but is essential as the first step.

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